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Koxtons Table Tennis Table - Club

Elevate your game with Koxtons Club Model Table Tennis Table! TTFI-approved, sleek design, and built for champions. Ready to serve? 🚀

  • Board Thickness/Type : 18 MM, Pre-Laminated Particle Board
  • Base Frame Material : Steel
  • Base Frame Size : 31 MM x 20 MM
  • Wheel Size : 50 MM
  • Foldable : Yes
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Product code Product name Product description
Table Tennis Table - Club TTFI Approved, 18mm, Laminated Particle Board, Frame Size 31mm x 20mm, Leg Size 25mm x 25mm, 50mm Wheels and Comes in a Standard Size


Step into the arena with the Koxtons Club Model Table Tennis Table - where champions are made! With its sleek 18 MM pre-laminated particle board, every shot you make will glide like a dream. The rock-solid steel frame? It's like the backbone of a warrior, standing firm against the fiercest of rallies. And guess what? Those 50 MM wheels aren't just wheels; they're your ticket to move the battlefield wherever you please. Fold it, roll it, store it - this table's got moves! 

But that's not all! With the TTFI's seal of approval, you know you're playing on a table that's touched the heights of table tennis glory. And hey, we're throwing in a TT net, a stand, and a user manual - because champions deserve the best gear. 

Why This Product:

  • Elite Status: TTFI-approved? That's like the Oscars of table tennis. Shine on, superstar.
  • Built to Last: That 18 MM board and steel frame? They're the Batman and Robin of durability.
  • Smooth Moves: With 50 MM wheels and a foldable design, move it like you groove it.
  • All-In-One: TT net, stand, and a manual - we're setting you up for success.
  • Trust in Koxtons: When you think table tennis, think Koxtons. We're the name behind the game.

Ready to make every serve count? Dive into the world of elite table tennis with Koxtons Club Model! 🏓